Media Q3 is a language localization company focusing on the Japanese market and offers a variety of services including translation, interpreting, narration, editing, and proofreading. We specialize in Japanese, English, Chinese languages.


Media Q Inc., the predecessor of Media Q3,
was founded in October 1979

Media Q Inc., the predecessor of Media Q3, was founded in October 1979, just one year after the start of the TV Sound Multiplex Broadcast system, which provided English language translations of the news on a sub-channel.

Harry Quini, who was a member of the Executive Secretariat at TBS since 1964, became one of the two English announcers on the TBS channel at the inception of bilingual broadcasts in November 1978.

Over the next year, TBS, dissatisfied with the low quality of work provided by a translation company, asked Media Q Inc. to take over the operation. While similar bilingual news programs broadcast by NTV, Fuji, and TV Asahi (NET) lasted only the next several years, Media Q Inc. became the sole company to successfully continue its English language news program for TBS for 30 years.

Media Q3 was established following the termination of the program in 2008 and continues to provide translation services for a variety of broadcast media in Japan, corporations and academic institutions.


Company Name
Media Q3 Incorporated
2-40-3 Nakamachi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0091, JAPAN

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